Should You Buy Vietnamese Dong or Iraqi Dinar

Vietnamese Dong and Iraqi Dinar – Is it good to buy

Updated on: October 3, 2014

For the longest time, it has been said that the Vietnamese Dong and the Iraqi Dinar are the currencies you need to own to survive the coming financial collapse.  Now, one thing that I want to point out is that even though there has been a large amount of money printing in the years since the 2008 crash, a 2nd event is not likely at this time.  There has been, indeed, lots of evidence that the housing market is showing weakness, however, the major trend is moving away from short selling homes  and moving towards buying assets like gold and silver.

We hear from people in the IMF, World Bank, and ECB that cutting interest rates might be a good idea, however, in the United States, the Federal Reserve has been trying to maintain near zero rates since 2008.  With currencies like the dong and the dinar, investors have decided that when the world sees a US Dollar collapse, they can simply turn in their dong, their dinar and then they will have mountains of cash to spend on boats, cars and whatever else they want.

Vietnamese Economy and the Dong

Vietnam is a country which has some major assets, but it is still somewhat a risky move, especially for investors in the United States.  Chinese and other Asian countries routinely invest in the country of Vietnam, but in the U.S., demand for Vietnamese investments is quite low.  Investors unfamiliar with the country of Vietnam would do themselves a favor by studying up on the history of the country including the effects of the Vietnam War on the currency.

Iraqi Economy and the Dinar

Iraq is still suffering from the effects of the 1990 invasion by U.S. forces, and if that were not enough we now have the 2003-present war, and ISIS in Iraq is not making things any easier in the country.  Many people, especially in Florida, are investing in the Iraqi Dinar because they feel that the currency will return (appreciate or revalue) to the $3 per dinar rate, currently, one U.S. Dollar purchases over 1000 dinar.


Both countries have been utterly destroyed from war, Vietnam has mostly recovered, however, it’s currency is still undervalued and does have upside potential in the future.  Iraqi on the other hand, is still in the middle of a war between differences including ISIS or ISIL, and because of this, investors might want to make sure they don’t rush out and buy Iraqi Dinar.  Avoid the Iraqi Dinar unless you are willing to lose your investment.

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